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Have you ever compared the prices in Tel Aviv and Varna? Do you know that it is cheaper to travel to Varna for the weekend than spending it in Tel Aviv?

If you don't believe - continue to read and discover how can you travel for free and buy gifts.

We all know that the cost of living in Tel Aviv is higher than Varna, but many people don't know how big is the difference between them. Maybe that's why Varna & INTERNATIONAL are so popular among Israeli tourists.

A Body Of Water With A City In The Background

For example, if you are going to shop for clothes for the next season, you will spend on average ₪820 for 2 shirts, 2 pants and a pair of shoes. 

In Varna, this will cost you around ₪450. Only here you save ₪370.

Of course, if you buy more clothes, some accessories, gifts for the family and friends, you could SAVE UP TO ₪2200 ($592),

Hold on! - The price for the package to Varna (flight + hotel 5*) is around $569 for 2 persons!

So you get a vacation, shop like crazy, buy gifts and you saved ₪85 to have a nice cup of coffee with friends to tell them how much do you enjoyed your last vacation to Varna :)