Art Collection "INTERNATIONAL"

The INTERNATIONAL hosts a rich collection of artworks.

Most pieces are displayed in the conference lobby of the hotel complex: from ancient artefacts (frieze, Thracian equestrian bas relief, in-relief decoration cross for an early Christian basilica, created between I-IV century) to works from some of the most successful modern and contemporary Bulgarian artists.

The renowned curator of the collection - Doctor of Arts, Maria Vasileva, has thoughtfully selected works from notable artists, such as Kiril Prashkov, Valentin Stefanov, Dimitar Traichev, Kamen Starchev, Krasimir Terziev and Stanimir Genov.

Selected works from the photographer Nikola Mihov are on display, as well as, a special collection of Golden Sands resort archive photos, showcasing the evolution of the resort and the INTERNATIONAL hotel, through the years.

Sculptor, Stefka Georgieva presents the modern version of a Thracian divinity, displayed in the lobby of the Executive Lounge. Another key work by her – two divers atop a huge dice, welcomes visitors at the entrance of the hotel. This piece has now become the emblem of the complex.

Art matters to us – respecting traditions and staying abreast with emerging movements in this space, is a cornerstone of our hospitality pursuits.