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If you visit the Sea garden of Varna, you will see one of the largest landscaped parks in the Balkans. It is situated on 850 decares along the seaside line - a masterpiece of landscape architecture, designed at the end of the 19th century by Czech horticulturalist Anton Novak, who had specialized at the Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. The park's tree-lined pathways are outlined with valued plants from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Along the main alley, which runs parallel to the coastline, there are a number of small cafes and restaurants, offering seafood specialties as well as attractive disco clubs. At the entrance of the garden there is a swan-shaped sun-dial that is one of the most popular meeting places for locals.


* Being in the Sea Garden you could visit the Natural Science Museum, the Naval Museum, the Copernicus Astronomy Complex planetarium, the zoo and the Terrarium, a present open-air theatre and children`s amusement park.

* Buy a popcorn from the old man in front of the Sea Garden entrance - he is one of the most significant people of Varna.

* Don`t miss a chance to have your most important with comes true - remember to find the small "bridge of wishes” just before the main alley and to cross it walking backwards and with your eyes closed - maybe it will fulfil your wishes…


Dolphins are so smart and playful, they have always enticed humans. International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites invite you to meet these intelligent animals and enjoy the dolphins live show in Festa Dolphinarium. It is the only attraction of its kind in Bulgaria. This will be a unique experience both for adults and children.


* You could take a part in the show interacting with the dolphins from a boat pulled around the pool by their dorsal fin and even with the famous “dolphin kiss” attraction. 

* The Dolphinarium is located amidst the greenery of the Sea Garden of Varna and you could combine your visit here with a nice walk (on) seaside alleys of the park.

If you wonder should you visit the Dolphinarium or not, don`t miss the chance to see the dolphins` show.


If you want to spend some hours close to nature and under the tree shadows, you could visit the first ecological park in the country - Eco Park Varna, 8 km or 10 minutes by car away from International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites.

The park occupies area of 360 decares with a variety of plant collections including more than 300 species of exotic trees and bushes, from all over the world: sea pines, tulip tree, ginkgo duple, strecula, iron wood, paper wood, evergreen oak tree and many others. The herbaceous plants are more than 100 species. The botanical garden is also famous for its rich collection of tulips, irises and roses.

Dos: At the entrance of the Eco Park you will see a small botanical market where you could buy seeding for flowers, evergreen trees and bushes, exotic and various house and garden plants.

Don`ts: Don`t forget to take some mosquito and other bugs repellents with you.


30 minutes walking distance from International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites, in the beginning of the forest, a huge water park is waiting for you with a lot of water entertainment: an open slide imitating a river torrent, a Niagara straight slide, two completely closed dark pipes and the most exciting high-speed slide type “Kamikadze”..

Its Maurutian Mediterranean decor style is combined with a nice view of the whole Golden Sands resort and a wide sea panorama.

Mon-Sun July-August 10am-7pm, June-September 10am-6pm