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Varna City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

In the heart of the city the Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev”. It is housed in the building of the former high school, built in nineteenth century in a Gothic Revival style. The gallery was named in honour of a Varna-born painter and artist Boris Geogiev (1888-1962).

It owns a significant collection of Bulgarian art from the early 20th century onwards and hosts a lot of visiting exhibitions of Bulgarian and foreign authors. The gallery's third floor regularly accommodates concerts, plays and readings.

Graffit Gallery

As a modern art center Graffit Gallery is dedicated to contemporary arts in Varna. It follows the current artistic trends and its program aims to show artworks anchored in the contemporary world regardless of the techniques employed: painting, sculpture, photo, installation, video, performance.

Cavalet Gallery

Cavalet Gallery is the successor of one the first private galleries in northeastern Bulgaria. It is housed in a 100-year old house and its name comes from the Italian word cavaletto which means easel. The exhibitions focus on the contemporary art processes and trends reflected in the traditions of Bulgarian and world art. The authors exhibited in the gallery are among the most established Bulgarian artists living in the country and abroad.

Largo Art Gallery

The gallery presents Bulgarian contemporary art and works with artists from all around the country including young talents from the National school of arts “Dobri Hristov” - Varna. It is located a few meters from the Roman Baths and 5 minutes walking distance from the Sea Garden and the city center.

Contemporary Art Space

The centre grants a stage to contemporary Bulgarian and foreign artists, it creates different workshop and educational platforms for musical and visual arts aiming the development of cultural environment. It could catch your attention on the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of contemporary life in Varna and Bulgaria.