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The sea capital of Bulgaria

Different people have different motivations to travel or to visit a city. We will try to give you 9 reasons to visit Varna that might convince you to pack the luggage and book a flight to Varna.

Let's start with the obvious - The good weather and mild climate.


Varna has a mild climate throughout the year. The best time to visit Varna is between May and October. 

Summer begins in early May and lasts until early October. Temperatures in summer are usually between 25 C and 35 degrees C. - Perfect for beach life, to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities. Seawater temperature during summer months is usually around 23–27 degrees C. 

A Beach With A Palm Tree


Some of the best Bulgarian beaches are near Varna. The great variety of beaches will amaze you. If you enjoy small, hidden and lonely beaches - Varna has it. If you like big, crowded beaches - Varna has it.


Varna is the cradle of the oldest European civilization. You can find the oldest gold treasure in the world here in Varna. Furthermore, there are many other treasures from later periods and cultures, such as Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian…

A Large Building


Varna is a cosmopolitan city, so you can find artistic and cultural events year-round. There are many art galleries and museums.

Varna boasts with countless cultural events. Folklore, music, ballet, opera and theatre, movies and animated pictures presentations, exhibitions in the open air and plenty of art galleries.


Bulgarian cuisine is exceptional and well-known around the globe. You can taste some of the Many of the dishes. Usually, they are prepared according to traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. In Varna, there are many traditional Bulgarian restaurants, wineries where you can taste the famous dishes with a different type of food.

Some of the "must try" foods are:

  • Tarator
  • Banitsa
  • Musaka
  • Shopska salata
  • Sarmi
  • Mekitsi
  • Meshena skara

A Piece Of Cake On A Plate


You can make friends very easily here in Varna. Just visit some of the hot spots and you will find many many locals. Most of them are open to meet new people.

A Woman Wearing A Pink Dress


Now we are talking! Varna attracts so many people because of the rich nightlife. The city is maybe the party capital of Bulgaria. Beach bars, nightclubs, open-air clubs, etc... It’s almost impossible to find a closed bar or club at night in the summer. Many of the bars and restaurants in the summer months are located directly on the beach, near the Sea Garden.


The city is a shopping center. It has 6 malls and many open-air markets ready to satisfy even the most- engaged shoppers. The prices are a fraction of what you can find in Western Europe, but the quality is the same.

A City Street Filled With Traffic At Night


Of course, we all search for the best way to spend our money. Varna offers great value. The prices in the country are very reasonable - good value for money.

A Sandy Beach Next To The Ocean

In conclusion - we bet that you can find many more than our 9 reasons to visit Varna and we would love to see them.  

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