The classic massage

Our classic massage is a full-body massage, which aims to improve blood circulation, metabolism and the overall physical body condition.

Aromatherapy massage

The aromatherapy massage is the perfect choice for people who live in a dynamic and stressful daily environment. Fragrances can have powerful effects over our senses, nervous system and general wellbeing.

Medical massage

The medical massage is intended to alleviate muscle pain and other discomfort related to ordinary movement. Our specialist can target specific problem areas to ensure maximum effectiveness

Sports massage

The sports massage is the best way for active men and women to revive their muscles after long and intense trainings.

Anti-cellulite massage

This massage has a proven track record in combating cellulite buildup, using an active massage program in combination with special product application and a final infrared cabin treatment, giving genuinely effective results.

Local massage

This is a partial body massage, which can be applied in select trouble zones, according to your wishes and specific treatment goals.


Every organ has its own projection on the surface of the foot’s sole.  This massage focuses on the internal organs via the sole of the foot, promoting general health in these areas and stimulating energetic pathways.

Massage with volcanic stones

This enjoyable therapy dates back to more than 5000 years. It is an exotic treatment and highly beneficial in promoting energy level balance. The warmth of these healing stones is used on distinct body points which are also known to help diminish negative energy storage throughout the body.

Sultan’s massage

Experience the unforgettable sensation of the four-hand massage, performed by two professional therapists with fully synchronized movements, leaving a lasting and satisfying sensation.

Scalp and face massage

This treatment targets the nerve centers of the body – scalp and face, developed to truly free you from accumulated stress and tension, leaving you with a pleasant and lasting effect.

Children’s massage

This gentle treatment is intended to improve children’s posture and light forms of scoliosis, caused by carrying backpacks and long hours in front of the computer with poor posture. It is an enjoyable and effective experience for children over the age of seven.