Wedding Planner List

Wedding planner List

5 to 6 months earlier

1.Set the budget.

  • Make a list of what is most important for your wedding. This will help you determine the budget frame.
  • Discuss the coverage of expenses with your loved ones.


2. Choose two or three dates for your wedding reception.

3. Visit the town hall and the church, where you will get married.

4. Make a guest list.

5. Research the restaurants and venues that are suitable for your wedding reception. Make reservations.

6. You can choose a wedding agency that will help you organize the wedding. 

7. Meet with the representatives of companies that will provide special services: photographers, videographers, florists, decorators, DJs, catering company, etc. 

3 to 5 months earlier

1. Choose and officially announce your maid of honour and man of honour.
2. Choose the colour, style and theme of the wedding reception.
3. Choose and order your wedding outfits.
4. Visit wedding stores and make a list of all the additional accessories you will need for the wedding: boutonnières, toasting flutes, flower girl baskets, etc.
5. Choose and order your wedding rings.
6. Plan your wedding night and honeymoon. Make reservations for the package you choose.
7. Choose a makeup artist, hairstylist and a manicurist, who will ensure that you look flawless during the wedding.

2 tо 3 months earlier

1. Finalise the details of the wedding ceremony, decorations, special services, music, wedding and Welcome Drinks menus, etc.
2. Order the wedding cake and the maid of honour cake.
3. Make an hour-by-hour script for the wedding.
4. Buy all of the accessories you will need, such as toasting flutes, a guestbook, boutonnières, etc.
5. Make a list of the guests who will need hotel accommodation and make reservations.
6. Prepare all of the necessary documents for the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon.
7. Order the wedding invitations and send them out to all guests.
8. Choose your wedding vehicle and make reservations.
9.Organise the guests' transportation, if necessary.

1 month earlier

1. Call the guests and update the guest list.
2. Make a guest-seating chart.
3. Finalise the wedding script and inform all participating parties.
4. Order the place cards with the guests' names and the wedding menus.
5. Book a professional who will entertain the children attending the wedding.

2 weeks earlier

1. Call the guests that have not responded to the invitation, finalise the guest list and the seating chart.
2. Clear up any last-minute changes with everybody involved and organise a meeting so that they can coordinate their mutual work.
3. Do a tasting of the chosen menu.


1 week earlier

1. Pick up your wedding outfits and accessories.
2. Submit the updated guest list, script and seating chart to the catering company, the restaurant, etc.
3. Finalise all payments.

1 day earlier

1. Choose a friend or a relative, who will be responsible for bringing all necessities to the venue, including alcoholic drinks.
2. Go over the wedding script with the wedding party staff and make sure everybody will be in their place on time.
3. Visit your manicurist.
4. Confirm the appointments with the makeup artist and the hairstylist.
5. Try to go to bed early.

On the wedding day

1. Greet the day with a smile.
2. Make sure that the catering for your home has been delivered.
3. Get your hair and makeup done.
4. Put your wedding dress on and get ready to leave.

Good luck!