Currylicious Indian Buffet

Exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling flavors. 

Sophisticated Indian buffet is the newest addition to the arsenal of our kitchen and restaurant. If your group prefers Indian cuisine, INTERNATONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites is the right place for you. Our chefs have been specially trained on how to deliver authentic 5-star spicy temptation. The buffet is available upon request for groups of minimum 10 people.

Here is a glimpse of some of the dishes:
Samosa - Samosas are perhaps the most popular vegetarian (usually) Indian appetizer, street food, tiffin (light lunch) not only in India but throughout whole Indian subcontinent.

Punjabi Kadi with Pakora - Typical Punjabi recipe Kadi Pakora with rice or Chapati.

Palak Paneer – Palak Paneer, which also known as Saag Paneer, features wholesome flavor of cooked spinach (Palak) with fresh and delicate Indian cottage cheese, Paneer.

Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken Tikka Masala is an Indian curry sauce dish made from chicken tikka, which is backed or grilled skewer chicken, with a creamy tomato based sauce.

Raita - Raita is a salty cooling side dish made out of Yogurt. Raita is similar to Coleslaw salad but with more flavorful spices. Instead of buttermilk or mayonnaise, lots of yogurt is used and cabbage is substituted usually with cucumber.

Sewai - Sewai is an Indian vermicelli pudding made from milk, similar to Kheer. Sewai can be substituted with a very fine angel hair pasta or oriental vermicelli.

Pyaz Pakora - Pyaz Pakora translates into onion (Pyaz) and Pakora (Indian fritters). It is also known as onion Bhaji. This is a one of the popular variant of Pakora. These Indian onion fritters are similar to extra crispy and spicy deep fried onion rings.

Soan Papdi - Soan Papdi, also known as Soan Halwa, is flaky Indian dessert made with besan, flour, ghee, sugar. It is flavored with cardamom and rose water and garnished with toasted pistachio and almond.

Chicken Hariyali - Chicken Hariyali is boneless chicken meat with paste made from cilantro, mint, and green chilies.

Shahi Paneer - Shahi Paneer, which literally means Royal (Shahi) Paneer, is a creamy curry dish made in tomato with soft lightly fried Indian cheese, Paneer. For vegans, substitute Paneer with firm or extra firm tofu.

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