Everyone who visits the most demanded location for vacation and business tourism in Golden Sands will be impressed by the exquisite style, class, elegance and impeccable service of – INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites. The multifunctional complex will give you the chance to experience a fabulous vacation at any time of the year by enjoying the sea, diving into the realm of bliss indulging in relaxing SPA procedures and by increasing the adrenaline in the amazing Casino.

Your vacation can be perfectly combined with organization of a seminar, presentation or conference and why not, an exquisite gala dinner. The complex offers excellent opportunities for events organization with its 10 meeting rooms from 10 to 600 seats and total capacity up to 1400 seats. The conference center was opened less than a month ago, in an innovative, remarkable and inspiring manner.

The team of INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites showed a new approach to the organization of venues. The multicultural performance organized in the exhibition lobby of the conference center proved that business and art can be successful partners. The different conference premises were decorated in African, Asian, European and North American style. The guests were given the unique opportunity to travel through the continents and to grasp some of their culture and style.


Africa may be the hottest place on the planet in terms of climate; however, INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites is the hottest spot in Bulgaria for organizing venues.

Asia – the largest and most diverse continent, gives a feeling of sophistication and tranquility, just like the approach when INTERNATIONAL Hotel is organizing events – a combination of modernity and tradition, individual style of conduct, confidence and self-esteem that become increasingly impressive.

The modern and bold continent of Europe symbolizes the challenge of time we face and the way we put our guests and partners first. The old continent is different and modern, just like INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites.

North America – the place on Earth where you have the freedom to do anything, just like one of the advantages of INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites. The place combines ideas and music, control and freedom, different style nuances, independence and collective spirit, synchrony that follows several different patterns, however, maintaining the same direction.

The presentation of the multi-functional product also included the new food concept ' International art breaks'. Inspired by the thematic concept of the Conference center opening, Chef Martin Krumov created sophisticated and innovative catering options with flavors from around the world. The special guests that attended the event were the first ones to taste the new thematic food concept: Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. 'International art breaks' are interesting and impressing option instead of  the standard coffee breaks. Adding a glass of wine to the menu, they will  turn into fine cocktail event.

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