Relaxation Therapy

This therapy begins with a cream cleans, using finely ground apricot pits and continues with a relaxing experience in a hydro-massage aerated bath. Full relaxation is assured by the final stage with a gentle massage featuring warm candle balm.

Fine Rejuvenation Therapy

This therapy incorporates the delicate touch of the East with a deep body peel, using a gentle silk glove in a traditional Turkish bath. Followed by a highly nutritious and natural chocolate mask, stimulating the release of endorphins and euphoria, this treatment comes full circle with a soothing Swedish massage to finish.

Fresh Therapy

Achieve extreme freshness, with this full-body, coffee based peel mask and finishing restorative foot massage

Cleopatra’s Relaxing Therapy

Cleopatra is a symbol of majesty, power and elegance - she is also the inspiration for this treatment. Beginning with a gentle milk bath body cleanse and followed by a glass of wine with fresh fruits, this treatment is completed with Cleopatra’s essential massage.

Apollo Relaxing Therapy

Inspired by ancient rejuvenation practices, the ‘Apollo’ offers ultimate relaxation therapy, utilizing a salt and sugar peel, followed by a detoxifying bath of micronized seaweeds. Finished by a foot, palm, neck and shoulder reflexology massage, to truly make you feel reborn.

Oriental Hammam Therapy

Ancient oriental practices hold a strong foundation in cleanliness and toxin excretion and this serves as the inspiration for our “Hammam Therapy.” Beginning with a silk glove peel and a downy lather massage in a traditional Turkish bath, followed by a detoxifying mask with weight reducing properties and anti-cellulite effect from micronized ‘laminaria’ seaweeds, the therapy concludes with a gentle full-body application of our ultra hydrating balsam.

Multiactive Vitamin Therapy

Served as a vitamin cocktail of fruit extracts this therapy offers an innovative body peel, by brushing away a gentle paste of fruit extracts after 15-minutes. The multiactive vitamins therapy ends with a gentle massage using essential lavender oil.

  • Indoceane Therapy
  • Aromaceane Therapy
  • Sea and Sensations Therapy
  • Caffeine Anti-cellulite Therapy
  • Tired Feet Therapy
  • Fitness Massage Slimming Therapy
  • Bust Modelling Therapy
  • Memory of the Ocean Therapy
  • Polynesian Therapy